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Puzzles Of Color

"Wapato Woman" by Steph Littlebird

"Wapato Woman" by Steph Littlebird

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  • This painting represents the divine nature of Indigenous women, their connection to the earth, and ancestral culture.

  • My purpose as a creative is to depict women of all colors as powerful, resilient, and beautiful. I want the women that I represent to embody a sense of confidence and connectedness because the world is desperately lacking positive representations of powerful women. 

  • Art by Stephanie Littlebird Fogel | Follow on Instagram @artnerdforever

  • Pieces: 1000

  • Puzzle Size: 20x27 in

  • Box Size: 10x8x2 in

  • Listen to the "Wapato Woman" Playlist

  • Check out our conversation with the artist behind the puzzle on Youtube Vibin' With Steph Littlebird

  • Made with recyclable materials.

  • Puzzles of Color introduces you to artistic work that captures the mind and delights the soul. It introduces artwork and genius of artists of colors – African, Indigenous American, Latin, Indian and Asian heritage.

  • Gift of Fun and Connection. Perfect as a gift, family activity, conversational piece, mental challenge and exercise as well as an opportunity to escape and focus on each piece of inspiration. Puzzles improve critical thinking skills, memory recall and encourages collaboration.


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