We create frameable pieces of art by artists of color celebrating their experiences and creativity. Partner with us and give your audience a new way to experience your brand.

  • Customized Puzzles
  • Product Launch
  • Rebrand
  • Celebratory Occasion 
  • Client Gifts
  • Wholesale Puzzles
  • We offer a minimum of 200 units with flexible shipping and payment options through our production process. Delivery timelines will be discussed during development meetings
Finding your art! 
  • We can tap into our Puzzles of Color Artist Community to help you find the perfect artwork or use a design that you already have in mind. Once the art is finalized, we'll collaborate to customize your insert card message and packaging.
  • Shipping options include drop ship (you provide us with addresses and we'll ship each unit individually) or bulk shipping (we send all the puzzles to you). You may take advantage of both options if it makes sense for your project.

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