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Puzzles of Color

"Life in a Pipe" by Kirisa Jackson

"Life in a Pipe" by Kirisa Jackson

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Are you ready to compose your own harmonious symphony of life? Introducing our 1000 piece puzzle, "Life in a Pipe" - a captivating experience that invites you to reflect on the beautiful melody that life can be.  "Life in a Pipe" takes you on a journey alongside a quartet of gifted musicians, as they play their hearts out on various wind instruments.

Just as musicians express themselves through high and low keys, embrace the power to create your own high keys and happiness, and let your life's instrument play a truly beautiful tune.

  • Art by Kirisa Jackson  | Follow on Instagram @Jackson_kirisa

  • Pieces: 1000

  • Puzzle Size: 20x27 in

  • Box Size: 10x8x2 in

  • Listen to the "Life in a Pipe" Playlist

  • Made with recyclable materials.

  • Puzzles of Color introduces you to artistic work that captures the mind and delights the soul. It introduces artwork and genius of artists of color – Black, Indigenous American, Latin, and Asian heritage.

  • Family fun and family friendly. This puzzle is sure to ignite family fun, entertainment and memorable family time and conversations.

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