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Puzzles of Color

"Twas The Night Before Christmas" by Lo'Vonia Parks

"Twas The Night Before Christmas" by Lo'Vonia Parks

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Unleash your inner child and relive the excitement of Christmas Eve with our captivating 750 piece puzzle, "Twas The Night Before Christmas". This delightful 750 piece puzzle showcases the scene of two wide-eyed children as they catch a magical glimpse of Santa soaring across the sky. But don't overlook the fascinating windows, revealing the lives of families engaging in their cherished Christmas Eve traditions. Each small vignette holds a world of wonder and adventure, waiting to be discovered and cherished.Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or seeking a unique holiday gift, this puzzle promises hours of joy and relaxation in a festive atmosphere.
    • Art by Lo'Vonia Parks  | Follow on Instagram @

    • Pieces: 750

    • Puzzle Size: 20x27 in

    • Box Size: 10x8x2 in

    • Listen to the "Twas the Night before Christmas" Playlist

    • Made with recyclable materials.

    • Puzzles of Color introduces you to artistic work that captures the mind and delights the soul. It introduces artwork and genius of artists of color – Black, Indigenous American, Latin, and Asian heritage.

    • Family fun and family friendly. This puzzle is sure to ignite family fun, entertainment and memorable family time and conversations.

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