Turn your Moments into everlasting memories with our custom puzzles! 

Introducing Moments by Puzzles of Color

Moments can be discovered in the most unexpected places- be it a cherished graduation, a family bonding experience, or even a masterpiece created during a paint and sip class. We are here to help you commemorate your favorite moments and create new memories.

Custom Puzzles in Four Easy Steps!

Step 1. Select your photo

Upload a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or other standard format file.

Step 2. Select your size

Puzzles come in sizes of 110 Piece (8x10), 500 Piece (16x20), and 750 Piece (20x24).

Step 3. Design your insert

Add a title and pick a theme.

Step 4. Receive and build your Moment!

Puzzles shipping within 3-5 business days.

Personalized Insert

Custom puzzles wouldn't be complete without personalized options! Just like our talented artists, you have the freedom to name your puzzle, credit the author, and provide a captivating 300-character description on themed inserts. These custom details will be beautifully printed on the puzzle insert, enclosed in our window box packaging that lets you admire your unique Moment as if it were framed.

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What's Your Moment

"Visiting my brother William during his semester abroad in China was a truly remarkable experience. We indulged in delicious local cuisine, explored three vibrant cities, sang our hearts out during karaoke night, and marveled at the astounding Great Wall of China. It was a journey filled with unforgettable memories and a family bond that grew even stronger across the miles.”

"The Great Wall of China" by Ericka Chambers, CEO

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