Black History Month at Target

Black History Month at Target

This year, we are honored to share our love of puzzles with you at Target. Yes, THE TARGET! Along with Target's annual Black History Month spotlight, Puzzles of Color now has two new puzzles available for purchase! 

The collection is called Empowered

Empowerment, to us, is so important especially during Black History Month. While we dedicate this time to learn about our history and culture, we should not only hear what has brought us to today, but we have to be empowered to make the world better for tomorrow. The art we chose tells that story. Now, what does a 500-piece puzzle have to do with empowering a person? Everything. We take the puzzle, piece-by-piece and find a place for each one, becoming more confident as the goal is closer in reach. Whether you haven't done a puzzle in years or you do 100 a year, we hope that you will learn something new about yourself and be empowered as you complete every puzzle and goal you set out for.

These puzzles will only be available for a limited time, so find your nearest Target store and get yours now before they are all sold out!

A Dream of Venus in Spring II | 500 Pieces

The painting represents a dream of the moment of arrival for a vacationer visiting Venus in spring being greeted by a welcoming party made up of higher beings in the form of children.

Meet The Artist behind "A Dream of Venus in Spring II"

Noland Anderson’s art is a celebration of people of color painted in detail using oils applied with loose brush strokes on textured canvas surfaces, the images of men and women being captured in the simple pleasures of everyday urban life. Born in Newport News, Virginia, Noland’s passion of figure drawing was formed at an early age, working in pencil, pastels, acrylics, and eventually oils.

You Can Do Brave Things | 500 Pieces

Hand drawn illustrated artwork is designed to inspire you to be fearless and to do brave things.

Meet The Artist behind "You Can Do Brave Things"


Oris Eddu is a self-taught artist and designer. She enjoys creating bold and colorful illustrations and patterns through a lens of positivity, mindfulness and togetherness. Her work stems from a place of personal experience, expressing her inner feelings, nature's textures, colors and patterns from everyday life.


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I personally haven’t been down the puzzle aisles at Target as my kids are all grown but seeing this makes me want to go.

Kelsey Gaylord

I am glad to see the puzzles of color,

janice Elaine williams


Hazel Wilson

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